Monday, September 30, 2013

Kitten Softie Toy Pattern

This adorable kitten softie is part of the Kitty Family Vintage Toy Animal Sewing Pattern that's been very popular in my Etsy shop for some time now.  The kitten is super easy to sew with minimal pieces and can be made out of scrap fabric.

This little cutie was part of an iron transfer pattern and you'll need to enlarge the pattern pieces to the size desired.  The pattern includes a 1/4" seam allowance.  

The original pattern main body measures about 8" from top of ears to bottom of paws but these pattern pieces can be reproduced any size you'd like.  Simply cut out the pattern pieces and follow the directions indicated.  For the face, use your favorite transfer pen or transfer method, then embroider.

This is what mama kitty looks like and the family together is really sweet.  This vintage pattern is I think from the 1950s and I've heard several nostalgic stories from the fond memories this little family congers up.

If you'd like to purchase the full size pattern and the pattern for the mama kitty, visit my Etsy shop here.    As you can see from the illustration, mama and kittens in different patterns or colors would be fun and  so cute!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Free Baby Cap and Bonnet Patterns

It's the end of September and there's a chill in the air.  Cold weather means bundling up, especially for little ones.

These two vintage crochet patterns fit the bill perfectly!  They are as adorable now as they were "back in the day" and will stitch up very quickly.  The first, a toque, would be perfect for a boy or girl and is super easy to make.

The second vintage crochet pattern is for a bonnet and it too would be perfect for either a boy or a girl.  In fact, because it ties with a ribbon at the chin, it would probably be preferable for a younger baby because the ribbon will help it stay in place.

Both the cap and bonnet can be made in various color schemes to match jackets and coats.  And, with the holidays coming up, these would also make lovely gifts.  I'm thinking of some lucky nieces and nephews this Christmas!

I'm so pleased to share these free vintage crochet patterns from my vintage pattern book collection -- enjoy and happy stitching!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Free Scottie Dog Knitting Pattern Plus Bonus!

And here's the free Scottie dog pattern that was promised for my fellow knitters.  This vintage knitting pattern comes from a different pattern book in my collection but it's just as adorable as the kitty cat pattern, if not cuter.  Love the looks of this softie!

The Scottie dog pattern was featured with this toddler's knit dress.  This photo gives you an idea of the size of the dog when finished.  This dress was too sweet to not include so I've added the pattern here as well:

Baby Dress Number 374, size 2

Two knit patterns today instead of one!  The dress is beautiful and what a treasure it would be to create both for a special little girl for a holiday gift or pretty birthday party dress.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Kitty Cat Crochet Pattern

It's been a long, difficult summer but now autumn is here with it's cool air, comforting familiarity and gentle dormancy....

Today we offer this cute kitten pattern for those of you who love to crochet.  Christmas is just around the corner and this would make a nice gift for your special little one.  It looks easy enough to make several fairly quickly for all of your favorite kiddos!

Enjoy this free kitten crochet pattern, I'd love to see your handy work!  Tomorrow's feature pattern with be a Scottie dog for the knitters out there!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

In Loving Memory

In loving memory of my beloved mother......

A 1950s beauty with her Little Toot

Giggling toddler

Laughing with and loving her little brothers

A beautiful teenager

I will always love, honor and treasure her memory, I love her so much!