Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cozy Bed Jacket and Silk Panties Patterns

Here are a couple of patterns for the lady of the house.  A cozy bed jacket and a pair of silk panties.  The bed jacket can be made without cutting a paper pattern but it might be easier for the less experienced seamstress to make a paper pattern first.

One suggestion for this bed jacket was wool challis but I think a lightweight polar fleece would work too and would be so soft and cuddly on a cold winter morning.

You can trim the edges with a buttonhole stitch as indicated below but trimming in a soft cotton lace would be pretty too.

Bed Jacket 

From the book:
"Whether or not you eat breakfast in bed, like the lady in the sketch, a warm wool bed jacket is a comfortable thing to own.  The one shown here may be cut without a pattern.  You will need 1-1/2 yards of 36" material or 1 yard of 54" goods."

"All the dimensions for cutting are given in the diagram [see below].  Fold the material the long way through the center as at A.  Slash the center front opening.  Round the back of the neck slightly, also the lower corners of the front opening.  Measure down from the fold along the ends of the material 9" to mark the width of the sleeves.  Measure in 15" from the lower corners to mark the length of the sleeves.  Cut the underarm seams as shown here.  When the seams have been stitched, roll the edges and buttonhole them with contrasting pearl cotton or rope silk embroider thread as at C."

Finish with a pretty ribbon tie as illustrated.

The following panties pattern is a little more complicated.  You might want to draft a paper pattern and sew it in cotton muslin first before using your lovely silk.  These panties are more like tap pants and would be comfy paired with a dainty camisole.

Previous sewing experience will be necessary to create the following garment.

Panties From 3/4 Yard of Silk

 The instructions read:
"You can make your own pattern for the pair of panties shown here and, if you are size 36 or smaller, you can cut them from 3/4 yard of silk.  A little more material will be needed for larger sizes."

"How to Cut -- Dimensions for making the front of the pattern for size 36 are given in Diagram A [see below].  The back in the diagram at B [pattern below].  For every size larger, make the paper 1" wider and 2" deeper.  For every size smaller, make the paper 1/2" narrower and 1" shorter.  Measure in from the corners of the paper the distances indicated here and make dots; then draw straight lines from dot to dot.  When you have made your pattern cut two front pieces and two back pieces."

"How to Make -- The side seams and the top of the front sections are cut on the straight of the goods.  French seams are used.  
1) Sew the center front seam.  
2) Sew the center back.  
3) Face the lower edge of the sections.  
4) Sew the side seams leaving the top of each open.  Finish these openings by rolling and whipping the edges.  
5) Sew the crotch seam.  
6) Sew the darts in the back.  
7) Face the top with a straight facing.  
8) Sew on buttons.  
9) Make loops for fastening."

How luxurious to have custom made silk panties!  The panties paired with a pretty camisole would be so cozy to sleep in.  Then, in the morning you can slip on your handcrafted bed jacket made out of warm wool or soft polar fleece.  Who's going to want to get out of bed then?  


  1. These would be cute shorts or pajama bottoms!

  2. What size is a 36 in modern sizes? And what modern size is this pattern?

  3. The sizes are in inches so that's 36 inches -- hope that helps and thanks for visiting!

  4. Thank you, thank you!! I have been searching for a pattern for a bed jacket for my MIL and this will be perfect. Blessings!!

  5. Is that 36 at hips or waist?

    Probably obvious to everyone else but it's 3 am and I'm trying to figure out which way is up for the pic to convert to the item.

    I should be asleep lol. ☺😴