Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Simple Vintage Cross Stitch Patterns

Like I promised, here are more vintage cross stitch patterns from my vintage pattern book collection.  These are simple, easy patterns that should come together quickly and can be done in your favorite colors of choice or in monochrome.  If crochet is your thing, these can also be used for filet crochet just as the first pattern indicates.

In honor of Easter, the first pattern has some really cute little bunnies that would look adorable on baby's bib:

Love the little gnomes in the center of this pattern page and the roosters at the bottom!  What a great motif for kitchen towels:

Here are a few simple corner patterns for napkins or small pillows:

Dainty little floral patterns would look lovely on a baby's yoke dress, either cross stitched or filet crochet:

 Stay tuned, coming up next, more vintage color plates for cross stitch embroidery!


  1. wonderful patterns ! I looooooooove !
    Thank you so so much for sharing with all of us.

  2. Beatiful patters!!!

    Maria Filomena