Sunday, October 13, 2013

Doll Dress, Slip & Panties Patterns

These patterns for a doll dress, slip and panties are from the same vintage World War II pattern books that I was perusing yesterday.  The beauty of these patterns is that they're adaptable to any size doll.  

Like yesterday's apron patterns, having previous sewing experience will be helpful and necessary in drafting and sewing these doll garments.

A Dress to Fit Any Doll

The instructions for the doll dress:
"To make a yoke pattern for a doll's dress, cut two squares of paper as deep and as wide as one quarter of the doll's chest measure plus 1/2 inch.  Divide these pieces into squares as in Diagram 1 and 2 [see below].  Now, draw the yoke outline to cross the squares as shown.  The center front at A, and the center back at B, should be placed on a fold.

"For the sleeve pattern, cut paper as deep as the yoke and twice as wide as the measurement around the top of the doll's arm.  Draw the triangle guide in Diagram 3 [see below], centering the top point and making the base one quarter the depth of the paper from the bottom.  Shape the front of the sleeve top to curve as at the left of the triangle and the back as at the right.  Shape the bottom as shown,  The skirt of the dress is straight and, before gathering, should measure three times around the bottom of the yoke."

Doll Slip and Panties

The instructions for the doll slip and panties:
"The dress yoke pattern may be used as a foundation for shaping the front and back of a slip pattern, as shown by the dotted lines at the left.  The neck and armhole are cut a little deeper than the yoke, and flare is added to the skirt.  The center line, shown here at A [see below], is placed on a fold of the goods in cutting.

"For the front of the panty pattern, cut a piece of paper a little wider than one half the doll's hip measurement and as deep as the length of the panties plus allowance for finishes.  Crease or map the paper in squares, as at B [see below], and use these as guide lines in shaping the crotch and the bottom of the legs, also, the waistline, as shown, The back of the panties is cut like the front except that the waistline is straight."

Once you create the paper patterns for your doll you'll be able to create as many little dresses for her as you want, maybe even a whole new wardrobe!  

These patterns may have come from vintage World War II pattern books but the design is timeless and would certainly make lovely garments today for your special doll.  Enjoy!


  1. Love the vintage illustrations thank you :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! I can't wait to try it.