Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage Girl Scout Badge Quilt

This vintage Girl Scout badge quilt was crafted using Girl Scout badges from the 1920's and the 1930's and accented with a vintage 1920's 3 star membership pin.  Some of these badges are quite interesting... The khaki badges from the 1920's include the star fill "Stargazer" and the thrifty bee "Economist" as well as the wise owl "Economist" and the all seeing eye "Observer."  The grey green square badges from the 1930's include the baseball "Athlete" badge, the tent shape "Woodcraft Scout" and the lightning bolt "Electrician"---what a cool badge!  Then there are the round badges from the 1930's including "Aviation" which must have been a pretty amazing badge to earn back in the day, and "Motorist" another awesome badge for a girl in the 30's.

My favorite badge is the GS "Rambler" badge, it just says it all -- Go Girl Scouts!

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