Friday, June 29, 2012

Lucky Find!!

I can't go by a thrift store without going inside, I just have to, I never know what I'll find.  Over the years I have found some wonderful treasures including a vintage 1930's Double Wedding Ring quilt in pristine condition for $15.00, so far my best find.

Well, several weeks ago, thumbing through the used sewing patterns at my local thrift store, I found these treasures!  Vintage sewing patterns from the 1930's!  Three vintage Butterick, a DuBarry and a Pictorial Printed Pattern.  And, because it was the thrift store, I got them for a song.... oh happy day!!

Vintage DuBarry sewing pattern dated 1939.
This Pictorial Printed sewing pattern is dated 1931.
The take home message:  Don't ignore your local thrift store for vintage sewing pattern finds!

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