Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vintage Recipe Cards for Crafting

Here's something new... but old!... and fun!  Vintage recipe cards!  I am an avid fan of Pinterest and one day while surfing for inspiration I came across a collection of vintage recipe cards that someone had put together.  Curious, I began looking around to see what others had created with these beautiful cards with the lovely, rich patinas and found some marvelous creations!  I was so inspired that I created my own "Vintage Recipe Cards" board which you can see here:

So I dug out a few that I have on hand to share with you for your craft projects.  These free vintage recipe cards can be downloaded and printed for any number of things.... scrapbooking, printing on fabric, collage, etc.  Or, used for their original purposes, the recipes look pretty yummy!

Here are some preserve and jelly recipes:

And pickles:

Now we're talking, pie recipes!  

These vintage recipe cards came from an estate sale and I don't know who they once belonged to.  I do know that whoever she was, she had lovely handwriting and a great love for creating yummy goodies in the kitchen.  I have several of these vintage recipe cards and I'll be sharing more.  Now let me think.... what else can be done with these beautiful, vintage recipe cards.... Christmas ornaments.... picture frame.... paper doll house mini.... I feel some inspiration coming on!  Time to get crafting!

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