Sunday, March 3, 2013

Children's Motifs for Cross Stitch or Filet Crochet

Just like I promised, here are some more vintage cross stitch or filet crochet patterns from some of my wonderful vintage pattern books circa 1920s.  These adorable patterns were originally designed for a handmade rug and a child's chair cover, but they could be used for any number of things.  They are mostly animal motifs and remind me of a circus theme and I have to say, they're pretty dang cute!  Here you go:




Puppy dog:



Flower motif:


Kitty cat: 

Pony or horse:





These vintage animal and alphabet patterns would look great incorporated into a baby's sampler, stitched onto a baby bib, filet crocheted onto a baby pillow, you could cross stitch onto a gingham dress or toddler's apron.  Really, there are so many things you could do with these cute, retro cross stitch or filet crochet patterns.  Have fun stitching!

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