Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Crocheted Bunny Edging for Baby Linens

I was looking through several of my vintage pattern books today looking for something to share when I found these little treasures in a crochet book dated 1920.  Too cute!  The first two patterns call for size 50 or 60 crochet thread but you can work them in any size you'd like.  These patterns can be used for cross stitch as well.  A nice little cross stitch sampler for a baby's room would be one option.

This is the pattern that initially caught my eye, this bunny crochet pattern for a child's towel.  This would be sweet as a crocheted edging for a crib sheet or made into a cross stitched sampler.  Monotoned cross stitch can be very beautiful.  Here are the instructions as they were originally printed:

You can print out both sides and tape them together for easier reading:

The book illustration of a finished toddler towel:

The little book I took these patterns from has bunches of treasures so stay tuned!

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