Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Apron Patterns!

Happy New Year everyone!  Every New Year brings with it renewed hope, dreams and ambitions.  One of my ambitions this year includes de-cluttering and what would be helpful in that department?  How about a fresh apron to keep my clothes clean!  

Whatever your ambitions are this year, a nice, new apron is always a delight.  So today I'm sharing a couple more lovely vintage apron patterns from the World War II era.  

They come from a vintage sewing book and you will need to draft pattern pieces before you begin sewing.

Previous sewing experience will be helpful when using these patterns and following the original directions.

Utility Apron

Instructions as they were originally printed:

The pattern pieces (additional instructions for how to draft your pattern are found at the end of this post):

Taffeta Party Apron

Now, of course, after the hard work is done it's time to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than to doll up in a new taffeta party apron!  Of course you can use the fabric of your choice but how sweet this would be in taffeta:

Instructions as they were originally printed:

The pattern pieces:

The following information will be useful when making up your pattern pieces and sewing your aprons:

Of course I have other dreams and ambitions for the New Year, but first things first.  A clean, uncluttered space will encourage inspiration and creativity and be just plain nice.  I'm ready to get to work!

Happy sewing everyone and Happy New Year!

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