Thursday, February 13, 2014

Smocking Tutorial

Mining my vintage craft and sewing pattern book collection resulted in this neat smocking tutorial find.  This wonderful tutorial explains how to prepare your fabric for smocking without the need of a smocking pleater or iron on transfers. In addition, there is an explanation of how to modify your pattern for smocking and a diagram of several smocking stitches.  Loads of information in just a few short pages!

Nice information on how to modify your pattern to allow for smocked gathers:

How to create the gathers using your sewing machine:

Information and diagram of a few smocking stitches:

I love the can do attitude of this author.  She shows you how to tackle a project that looks complicated by breaking it down into manageable steps using tools you already have on hand.  The result?  An adorable little girl's dress.  And these techniques could be used on any article of clothing -- a special accent on a blouse  or on a lovely nightgown for yourself.  Enjoy this bit of wisdom from the past!

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